The Group


It’s in 1956 that Mr. Jacques Corbeil enters the market of concrete and cementitious additives under the company known as Valleyfield Ready-Mix. This business was established to meet the growing demand of concrete after the development of the seaway in the Valleyfield area. Over the years, the succession was assured by Mr. Jean Corbeil and today the Groupe Corbeil family entity proudly welcomes a 3rd generation within its ranks.

Throughout the years, the Groupe Corbeil has grown and now counts four concrete plants – Béton Rive-Sud (1990) Inc., Béton Express, Béton Salaberry, and Rénova Béton – able to serve Montreal’s South and North Shores, the Island of Montreal, and Laval thanks to its impressive fleet of concrete mixers. For the distribution by road or rail of cement products, Transport B.R.S. Inc. is also part of the Groupe Corbeil’s assets. Its fleet of tankers gives an indisputable advantage to the company by supplying cement products to its affiliated plants.

With its facilities and expertise, the Groupe Corbeil is able to meet its customers’ growing needs without compromising on old-fashioned values – product quality, customer satisfaction and of course, a locally based customer service.