Our plants

All of the Groupe Corbeil’s plants are dry batch installations, meaning that the raw materials are added directly to the concrete mixer. We are able to produce different types of concrete mixes to the exact specifications established by the Canadian Standards Association standard CSA A23.1.

Our staff batches the mixes from computer controlled batching facilities. Each component used in the concrete blend is computer batched in conformity with the specific project requirements.


The concrete components are as follows:

  • cement powder (Type GU Portland cement – CSA A3000-08)
  • aggregates (crushed stone) of various dimensions in conformity with standard CSA A23.2 and tested against alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR)
  • sand
  • water
  • admixtures (or additives – incorporated during mixing to modify concrete properties) :
    • entrained air
    • fly ash
    • water reducer
    • retarder (to increase the working life of concrete)
    • chloride based or chloride free accelerators (to accelerate initial set time)
    • superplasticizer (to increase fluidity, without affecting strength)
    • microfibers (polypropylene) to control plastic shrinkage and cracking
    • macro-synthetic fibers (structural) as an alternative to welded wire reinforcement
    • any other project-specific additive

We are able to offer a wide variety of concrete products including, fiber-reinforced concrete, lightweight, self-placing, high-performance (HPC), for LEED® certification, for M.T.Q. jobs, as well as concretes of various classes of exposure. We are also able to fulfill requests for cold weather concreting.

Moreover, cement powder is shipped to our four plants by way of our company Transport B.R.S. Inc., guaranteeing a flawless supply and assuring incomparable on-time service to our customers.

For all large scale projects, our customers can also count on the on-site services of an ACI/CSA trained concrete field testing technician for product quality and compliance to project and industry standards